What Drives Us?


Integrating youth in developing countries in the social development process and inspiring them to be pioneers in voluntary work.

Training youth and civil society institutions in developing countries to be qualified to build and launch professional community initiatives.

Maximising the societal effects of community initiatives in developing countries and achieving their sustainability.

Connecting community initiatives in developing countries with donor organisations in developed ones

Enabling initiators in developing countries to find the necessary funding.

Helping donor organisations to connect with the best community initiatives in developing countries.

Transferring the most successful world practices in voluntary work and sustainable community development  to developing countries.





Building individual and organisational abilities in voluntary work, community initiatives and sustainable development.

Introducing innovative solutions for problems which face individuals and organisations working in community development.

Doing research, preparing feasibility studies and action plans, and building visions for community development initiatives.

Serving as a focal point that links community initiatives with donor organisations to achieve goals.

Representing initiators before donor organisations to gain necessary funding.